Individual Therapy in Wichita

Hope Counseling Initiative in provides individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults in Wichita.

What is Individual Therapy?

Individual Therapy is a form of counseling, therapy, or psychotherapy where clients work one-on-one with a trained therapist in a joint venture to address problematic issues and inspire positive change. The focus of individual therapy can range from working through challenging memories to setting future goals and working towards them. A therapist works with clients to help explore behaviors, feelings, thoughts, and values that can lead to a better understanding of themselves. People seek individual therapy for a variety of reasons such as going through a profound life changes involving a career, divorce, or death of a loved one. Other common areas of treatment include depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, or substance abuse.   

When is Individual Therapy used?

Individual Therapy is used when a client needs support in surmounting issues that are blocking the way for positive change in their life. Existing problems are often rooted in past experiences. A therapist works with the client to unpack the thoughts, feelings, and experiences brought about by current circumstances. By identifying prevalent patterns in a client’s life experience, a trained therapist guides a client to increased self-awareness. If a client is dealing with depression, anxiety, drug or alcohol dependence, codependency, relationship or sexual dysfunction, anger, stress, significant life changes, or has identified changes they want to facilitate, then seeking the help of a professionally trained therapist is the first step to setting the stage for improvement in those areas.

What to expect from Individual Therapy?

The first session is typically an information sharing session. The client will talk about what inspired them to seek therapy, and the therapist will share more about their educational background and therapy style. Goals for therapy will be set and a mutually agreed upon time and frequency is decided. In short term therapy, less than ten sessions are needed for the client to garner the maximum benefits therapy can offer them. However, therapy can and often does take place regularly throughout several months. In Individual therapy, sessions are an hour long. In addition to therapy, at home practices designed by the therapist empower each client to participate in their own healing outside of therapy.

How does Individual Therapy work? 

Individual Therapy works by providing clients with practical and emotional assistance. By partnering with a trained therapist, clients have active support while examining and addressing past and current issues. Client and therapist work one-on-one throughout several sessions with a focus on healing unresolved roadblocks. Once a client has worked through the problems that brought them to therapy, less frequent maintenance sessions may occur or a date may be set to draw the therapy sessions to a close.

Insurance Companies we accept:

Aetna, BCBS of Kansas, Kansas Medicaid (Sunflower, Amerigroup, United/Optum), Coventry, United Health Care, ProviDrs Care Network, Tricare West, Value Options, Cigna, GEHA