Couples Therapy in Wichita

Hope Counseling Initiative in provides couples therapy for adults in Wichita.

What is Couples Therapy?

Couples Therapy is a chance for partners to sit down with an objective third party in a judgment-free space to speak honestly about their relationship. Every relationship has roadblocks and difficulties, working together with a therapist to find solutions creates clear paths for deeper communication to take place. It is normal, healthy, and expected that relationships change over time. A couples therapist specializes in navigating relational twists and turns and provides new vehicles to facilitate the tandem adventure of couplehood. By exploring behaviors, feelings, thoughts, and values, couples come to a better understanding of each other and themselves, which positively impacts the relationship.   

When is Couples Therapy used?

Couples Therapy is used when a couple finds themselves facing relational difficulties keeping them from achieving the emotional or physical intimacy they desire from each other. Common issues that couples seek therapy for can include: broken trust, lack of communication, power struggles, intimacy issues, a traumatic event such as loss of a parent or child, infidelity, feeling stuck in unhealthy patterns, or like the relationship is not growing. The therapist helps each couple approach the issues hindering their relationship in a way that’s respectful and manageable for both partners. Couples therapy can help bring a couple back to celebrating the reasons they are together and to better understand how the relational templates set early on in their lives impact how they relate to each other in present day.  

What to expect from Couples Therapy?

In couples therapy, regularly scheduled hour-long sessions of therapy take place in a safe space to candidly discuss the challenges a couple is facing. Couples actively participate in exercises designed to help them address ongoing issues in productive ways. The first session with new clients is an information sharing session. The couple is invited to talk about the problems bringing them to therapy, and the therapist shares their training background, preferred methods, and therapy style. It is at this time that the therapist and the couple will set the goal of the therapy, as well as decide on a mutually agreed upon time and frequency for therapy to occur.  Depending on the needs and relationship goals of each unique couple, the number of sessions needed may vary. If a couple has a very specific issue they’re dealing with, it’s possible that only a limited number of sessions is required. However, couples therapy can and often does take place regularly over the course of several months.

How does Couples Therapy Work?

Couples therapy strengthens relationships through opening the floor for honest communication to take place. The therapist draws upon their training to provide well-researched techniques and exercises designed to facilitate communication within the couple’s dynamic. The couple is invited to talk about the issues that brought them to therapy, and the therapist works with them to address and bring resolution to both surface and underlying issues. Often, the problems couples face have layers, and the therapist helps identify patterns of behavior and increases awareness of how those patterns play out within each couple’s dynamic. Typically, a therapist meets with the couple once a week, and once the initial goals of therapy are being met, the frequency of visits is tapered or brought to a close. 

Insurance Companies we accept:

Aetna, BCBS of Kansas, Kansas Medicaid (Sunflower, Amerigroup, United/Optum), Coventry, United Health Care, ProviDrs Care Network, Tricare West, Value Options, Cigna, GEHA